“Now is the time for yoga”

I am open and willing to bring movement to my body through yoga. It is when I am most confident, happy and feeling the energy of love. With every OM and every asana I am assuming that I am in the present moment. The challenge is to practice yoga in my everyday life, both on and off my mat, the challenge is just to be. I am very grateful for having the knowledge and understanding the power of using my dristhi, asanas and breathe to keep my body and mind in balance. I can maintain this loving way of life, the only thing I have to do is practice and teach it because after all, the only real thing is love, and if through my practice, my yoga practice, I can live, feel and give love, then I am fullfilled and ready to share this with whomever is ready to let yoga do them, let yoga do you.

N_a_m_a_s_t_é. Ana Sofía Luna.

This is my second year as an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga instructor. I’ve had the honour to teach kids, adults and also talk to sports coaches and athletes about the benefits of yoga.

I focus primarily in teaching beginners Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

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