How I describe my teaching personality.

I describe myself as compassionate and easy-going, yet, strong instructor. I truly believe a Yoga class is just a brief part of a personal growth path that continues off the mat. As a Yoga instructor I like to connect with my students and watch them advance with each class, not only improving their postures, but… Continue reading How I describe my teaching personality.


Ferry galore!

  Commuting can become a bit of a pain when all you can do is rely on buses. Imagine feeling the breeze whilst having amazing views of the harbour. It looks as if Manly was really far away from the city but it really isn't. If you're taking the ferry there you have different options but… Continue reading Ferry galore!


Our first months down under

  We came from Mexico City to Australia on September 8th, that means we have been living here for almost nine months. A few months of this new adventure as a couple and up until now everything has been great! Coming from Mexico City which is lovely, spectacular and a bit crazy fun... has made it… Continue reading Our first months down under