How I describe my teaching personality.

I describe myself as compassionate and easy-going, yet, strong instructor. I truly believe a Yoga class is just a brief part of a personal growth path that continues off the mat. As a Yoga instructor I like to connect with my students and watch them advance with each class, not only improving their postures, but also in other aspects of their lives. I was taught that students are the real teachers, so I like to see their growth as a reflection of my own growth as an instructor.

What do I do to set the mood in a class?

Everything starts with a smile and being grateful for my practice. Then get the breath going to bring the mind home and to start warming up from within. Every class I like reminding the students what an intention is and inviting them to set-on one for that class and/or depending how the students are feeling, open the conversation to set a collective intention. Focusing on the breath and setting an intention is my way to emphasise that Yoga is more than a physical exercise; it is also a mental challenge to be in the present moment with a spiritual purpose.

Music in a class…

I was taught that there is no better music to keep your rhythm and pace during a class than your own breath. As an instructor, my students breath is what encourages me to queue for each transition and posture. Only when I’ve had several classes with the same group and I feel comfortable with their level and pace I sometimes put on some low tempo, ambient, mantras or Reiki music after the opening chants and turning it off before going into Savasana.

Hands on assists in class when teaching….. 

I always offer modifications so students can learn to read their body. Reminding them to breathe, and smile when they are clearly putting too much effort is an excellent tool for them to relax and align their pose. With new students, before jumping into a touchy adjustment when needed, I first ask for their permission and I always try to use a two-finger  (peace fingers) technique.

I’ve dedicated all my professional life to use my potential on helping others achieve theirs, working mostly for non-for-profits. That is also why I started teaching Yoga as a tool to share love, compassion, and a better body and mind. I want to be part of a project that has such passion to transmit love to others, not only inside the studio but also working to raise awareness and to help others in the community.

Lets get on a mat and start moving! Please email me Namaste



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