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Genuina Market

Every piece created by an artisan tells a unique story that has been handed down from one generation to the other. When you shop at Genuina you contribute to the preservation of ancestral traditions; you are taking stories directly to your home and wardrobe.

Genuina Market´s is inspired by Mexican culture since it is one of the richest and most colorful cultures in the world, plus it is also where our home and heart resides.

We have the pleasure to display artwork from artists worldwide and to showcase our collaborations with India, Turkey, Guatemala, Chile and many more magic places! We live for culture, color and tradition!

We LOVE and celebrate all countries, colours and cultures.
By mixing and combining pieces from different places we celebrate the sacred and the beauty each place offers and we help on the conservation and diffusion of ancestral arts, holy rituals, processes and cultures that have been present for centuries!

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Genuina Market
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